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FEB 4-5

A two day conference designed to inspire, engage and provide space for students to seek out their God-given call. One night and one day filled with two main speakers and sessions to fill the morning on Saturday. Friday night, students eat pizza onsite and fellowship with friends traveling to COSI. 

JUNE 13-17

A five-day camp designed for students ages 15-18. Similar to Junior Camp, students should expect sports, games, and activities that are carefully crafted with them in mind. A favorite of many is basketball, softball, nine-square, or Late Night.  Our cafeteria serves breakfast, lunch, and evening snacks, and, of course, the concession stand is always open during breaks and recreation times. Of course, the most important part of Senior Camp is the daily services where they can feel the Spirit, be challenged, and answer the call of God.

June 20-24

A four-day camp designed for students ages 12-14. Daytime activities are full of teaching sessions, recreation, and small groups. We provide a safe dorm experience with our vetted staff and, most importantly, life-changing services every day. Youth Camps are an opportunity to meet new friends, deepen a relationship with God, and make incredible memories.

JULY 2-3

Hyphen Camp is for young adults who are post-high school through the age of 30. This weekend runs close to fourth of July where these young adults can be challenged, be around a strong peer group, and hang out with great activities post-service. Hyphen Camp is an excellent place for college students, young professionals, and young leaders to discover their purpose.​